I'm sick of taking "design" coursework that re-hashes the same material over and over again. If I'm going to learn the same shit I did in the preceding course, at least say so in the course description and don't try to fool me with enticing words and phrases like "web design" and "graphics for the designer" when entire 2-hour blocks of class time are devoted to optimizing and automating and.. for Christ's sake.. curves, levels and the color palette. I mean, really?

So, fed up with that bullshit, I made a list of a few things I really want to know and I'm demanding that my instructor sit down with me and show me how to do said things.

And instead of taking the easy way out of our final project and doing the assigned edits to a previously submitted advertisement design, I asked if I could develop and produce (in some form - there are only 4 classes left) a personal website for myself. And said instructor gave me the OK. Since we only touched on Photoshop in this course, I have to use it to build the website. (Of course I have Dreamweaver and so does the lab, so if I get that far, it can go live on teh internetz.)

I'm starting with pencil + paper - figuring how many and what pages I'll need to compose the site, the links, the individual page features, etc. and then the layout.

Any advice, design friends? What is your process when designing a website?

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  1. Get the colors you wanna use right off the jump, and just make it simple and easy to navigate without being overly pretentious in the design process of it. and you can export your files you make in photoshop to dreamweaver so it should be pretty easy.