New Plants

Acquiring new plants makes me unusually happy. I suppose they make up for the fact that I can't really have pets due to my allergies, living situation, lack of funds, and basic lack of responsibility to even take care of myself (on a side note, people with pets or those thinking about it should think about these things before they get them because it's just unfair if you can't meet these basic requirements of taking care of a living, breathing animal. THINK ABOUT THE ANIMALS, PEOPLE! And try taking care of a plant first.)

Anyway, I had lunch with my cousins and nana and mom and baby Henry isn't really a baby anymore. He walks and kind of talks and is breaking my heart with his cuteness and growing-up-ness. Then mom and I went to Strader's to look at plants and I came home with three new ones! A hanging fern for my front porch (for which I had to install a hook in the roof.. I'm so handy), a long, curly ivy, and one called a creeping jenny, just for sentimentality's sake and because it was cute.

Yay green thumb! Now I need to learn about planting plants in the ground and their seasonal characteristics. Keeping house and potted plants alive is pretty easy (easier than a pet), and now I need a new horticultural challenge.


  1. i got them at rag o rama, don't worry!

  2. i love that its called a creeping jenny