It's been a desire of mine to take a hot air balloon ride for some time now. I think it would be a perfect date, but an awesomely fun time, date or not. 'Tis the season for such adventures (have you seen any up in the sky lately? My aunt texted me today telling me to look up into the southwestern sky - 3 balloons in flight!) and a little asking around lead me to the understanding that rides are several hundred dollars per person! I think it'd be totally worth it, though.

"Flights are exclusive private two passenger (plus pilot) flights and are $650" - http://www.flyingcoloursballoons.com/
"$450 for a private flight for 2" - http://realadventure.biz/
Private champagne flight for 2 $595.00; 2 passengers $400.00" - http://www.balloonmastersinc.biz/
"2 passengers, $450.00" - http://hotairballoon-ohio.com/

(photo via khai_lomo @ flickr)

(in the spirit of things, this is currently my desktop background - found via google image search @ http://www.wallpapers.lt/)

(additional photos via google image search)


  1. i went in hot air balloon when i was a kiddo! it was at some fair and the ride was tethered but it still went reeeeally high. so awesome.


  2. i'd be scared, but they're so pretty! they used to fly all the time in san diego, and sometimes they would land in the fields by the coast, and one time when i was coming home from the beach by torrey pines, one landed on the freeway!