Columbus ranked in top 10 cities for business, nationally

It seems...unlikely.

"MarketWatch’s ranking pays attention to a city’s concentration of companies among the Fortune 1000, Forbes private companies, Standard & Poor’s 500 and Russell 2000 lists. But it also factors in Census Bureau data on small businesses and population growth, along with federal data on job growth and unemployment."

Some of the above (small business growth, job growth, unemployment) would lead me to consider the 'Bus in a somewhat fledgling state, but according to this article, business success largely credits the OSU football team (& that the nation's largest public university is in the capital city), Big Lots Inc. and Les Wexner's Limited Brands that started & are headquartered here.

There's still a definite financial crisis happening, though and unfortunately, it's affected me directly in multiple ways in the last few months. I suppose this is some positive reinforcement, but, I'm still a skeptic.

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