"creative gig" i found on craigslist

It sounds really cool! I e-mailed this Alex character, but have yet to hear back.

"Wanted - self-motivated, responsible, creative types interested in trading hours managing a community shop in exchange for use of its facilities. This is not yet a paying gig.

A new 2400 square foot community workshop and learning center is opening in Columbus, January of '09. We have limited woodworking, welding, plasma cutting and electronics tools, as well as a classroom with internet and various digital arts software packages. We're looking to grow our resources (including CNC machining) and to pool creative, artistic, and technologically capable talent.

We will need people to manage the workspace during open-shop hours, to interact with new members, to teach safety classes, to maintain the equipment, and to generally assist with program and building maintenance. Knowledge of woodworking, metalworking, fabrication, engineering, electronics, any technical artistic craft, or web programming is appreciated but not necessary. Above all, we are seeking responsible, safety-conscious, self-motivated people. If you fit these categories and are willing to learn the rest, please send us an email.

College students, recent graduates, and retirees are especially encouraged to inquire.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  1. sounds fun, katels!

    i want a pretty banner for my blog!