Andy Warhol bus shelter on High Street

The ongoing exhibition at the Wexner Center (on my school's campus) is the Eva Meyer-Hermann (whom I got the opportunity last month to listen to speak about the whole project) curated Andy Warhol "Other Voices, Other Rooms." Upon perusing the Wex's blog, I found a video documenting the overturning (literally) of what was formerly an unbecoming COTA bus stop shelter on High Street that myself and other students and residents of Columbus frequently travel past without a second glance or thought. The shelter at the stop now features a hot pink structure, Warhol quotes & exhibition information, and a wallpaper of his well-known "COW" print.

I know from personally experiencing this area on a daily basis that it is extremely dull. Surrounding buildings include the former Long's bookstore-turned-computer lab and a smattering of other bookstores.....food establishments.....coffee shops....Sullivant Hall....frat houses.....a parking garage and perpetual construction on the Union building.....typical college bars & a few hole-in-the-walls. Walking through the area now, it'd be impossible to miss!

Wexner Center/COTA/Warhol Bus Shelter from Wexner Center on Vimeo.

If you're in the Columbus area and you're not a member or student, you can view the exhibition for FREE! every Thursday evening and first Sunday of every month through it's close in February.

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  1. i know i saw that yesterday and smiled greatly and wished they made all the bus stop shelters colorful and fun then i would feel like im about to get molested every time im in one.