WANTS... not needs

i don't exactly have a reliable source of income at the moment, so i'm stifling my overwhelming desire to buy all of these things from anthropologie.

i do think i'll buy this knit elephant ornament for jen, though.  so cute!

and i really want one of these "K" ornaments, too!

this reminds me of some hand-me-down ornaments i have from my nana, but i'd love to have this one to add to the assortment, and maybe even give one to her, too.

this gold-dipped maple leaf is sooooo pretty!  gimme!

i want this rug for my living room immediately.

and of course i totally want my own gold "K" monogrammed compact mirror for my purse!  this is a really good gift idea, actually, and i think i may buy a few of them to go around.

i asked my mom to get me this doormat for christmas.  ....we'll see.....

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, i want to drape this quilt over my duvet cover.

the cirrus bedding from anthropologie is absolutely beautiful, especially in this ocean color.  i could plan an entire room around those bed linens.  mmmmm.  lovelovelove.


  1. urban is hiring, carabas, and bone fish are also.

  2. oh nooo. stop ittt.
    i want everything!