scary long dreams

i keep staying up really late on nights that i have nothing to do the following day and then having extremely long and weird dreams that prevent me from waking up. i'm not kidding. i was up until 4am on sunday morning and then didn't wake up until ALMOST SIX PM!!!!!!! i didn't mean or want to sleep that long, but i never even kinda woke up...not to see if it was light outside...not to check the time..not to go to the bathroom...not after a dream, nope.. nothing. i didn't even open my eyes until 5pm. and then again today i fell asleep atound 4-ish am and i didn't wake up until just now.. 3:30pm! ugh, it makes me sick. i did not want to waste this day! but the dream i was having was sooooo long and soooo in-depth.. i mean, i can recall even the most minute details of this dream - it was insane how real it was.

anyway, this pattern must end NOW.

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