school dilemma

i've also been feeling like even people that go to school at community colleges for graphic design are doing cooler projects and learning more than i am and paying less money.  so if i don't get into the design program AGAIN...i may re-evaluate even going back to school at ohio state.........i know i'm talented and the fucking program makes me feel like an imbecile.  why should i have to wait so long to LEARN when i'm paying 1000s of dollars a year to DO IT NOW so i can get a job?

i'm sooooo frustrated right now.

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  1. jon always talks about how he thinks he gets more done at cstate than he will at osu, but will probably transfer anyways due to having the degree. :\ i don't know much about the design program and it obviously isn't construction haha, i've just always wondered which programs are best at which schools and how you're supposed to know?!