pennies mean a lot

I'm not making a living (laughable, but seriously..) to put a roof over someone else's head.  Yet... my sister's boyfriend stays here almost every night of the week, takes at LEAST one shower a day (which is more than Jen & I combined), eats our food, uses our tv/internet, electricity, leaves the door unlocked and lights on when he comes/goes etc.  And she has never asked him to contribute a cent to our living funds.  My beer, my water, my Pop-Tarts, my Cheez-Its, ramen noodles, face wash, toothpaste, etc. .... I DON'T TAKE THEFT OF THOSE THINGS LIGHTLY!  and theft is exactly what it is.  I've asked her on numerous occasions to ask him to buy us some groceries or at least contribute some money to our rent, and she hasn't and therefore he hasn't.  I'm giving her one more chance before I come out swinging.................

By the way......anyone know where I can get a job? 

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