There are only 3 channels that I can sleep to:
  • Nick @ Nite
  • History channel
  • A&E

I physically cannot get out of bed lately. April & Jen have been at the pool since noon or so (it's now 3 pm) and I've slept through about 10 calls from both, and my mom, urging me to get out of bed. I thought I was supposed to be getting better, but I honestly feel like I'm getting worse. Sometimes they say meds make you worse before better, but, that seems..not right. I have a follow-up on Monday & I need to make it clear that I cannot live like this. I'm not making it up.

At least I got a job, finally. That makes me feel good. I've been unemployed since November, so it was about time.

I don't feel hopeless, I just feel a little helpless.

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