Jenny Saville

I recently discovered these works by artist Jenny Saville, an English painter born in 1970. Of the works I found, these are my favored pieces, though she has some explicit and intriguing nude portraits of women & transsexuals that are worth a look as well.
Since her debut in 1992, Saville's focus has remained on the female body, slightly deviating into subjects with "floating or indeterminant gender painting large scale paintings of transsexuals and transvestites. Her published sketches and documents include surgical photographs of liposuction, trauma victims, deformity correction, disease states and transgender patients. Her painting Strategy (South Face/Front Face/North Face) appeared on the cover of Manic Street Preachers' third album, The Holy Bible. Further to this, Stare (2005) features as the cover of the ninth Manic Street Preachers album Journal For Plague Lovers (May 2009). Saville works and lives in Sicily, and is a tutor of figure painting at the Slade School of Art.

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    What is the name of the second artwork? I am doing a school project and need to properly cite the artwork with the name, when it was made, as well as the media she used.

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