Apartment Hunting

I've lived in my humble adobe for coming up on two years. This apartment is where my independence and personal freedom flourished. And although it's a nice apartment with amenities like a brand new gym and pool, I'm anxious as all hell to get out of here. I'm ready for new scenery. I'm ready for new space. I'm ready to re-decorate and purge the clutter I've accumulated here.

Searching for a new place to live has proven to be annoyingly difficult and time-consuming. I expected this, as I've done it before, but I just wish that there weren't so many things to be concerned about, and that it was easier to find the 'perfect' place. I want hardwood floors. I want parking. I want a bigger kitchen. I want windows in the bathroom and the kitchen. I want three bedrooms. I want a nice, renovated bathroom. I want a basement for storage. I want A/C. I want a dishwasher. I want washer & dryer included. ...etc.

Jen and I drove around Clintonville last weekend after a tour of a disgusting apartment closer to campus than we wanted anyway, but it was a start and it definitely reaffirmed that we won't live in a shit-hole and it's stupid that greedy landlords charge what they do for completely decrepit properties. FUCK THAT. No thanks. Anyway, I have 20+ phone numbers written down. Some of them have addresses, some don't. Some have the name of a person, presumably from the rental agency, most don't. I can't remember if we drove by some of these places, or if we found them online. I don't even know if some of them have more than one bedroom. Playing phone tag with the people on the other end of the phone numbers I have is probably the worst part of this all. And scheduling times at which to go see them is proving difficult, as Jen and I's schedules are mostly opposite.

I also don't want to pay $400 a month for my share of the rent - especially since I'm living off of a loan right now - but should I just accept it? I don't know, but most places in which I'd have to do that aren't even worth that much. If it takes getting another two-bedroom, I'll do it. We just really want a third bedroom to use as an office/studio for art projects and such.

Mostly, though, I'm excited to start fresh, rearrange and decorate! We've done so much with our apartment now - painted the living room twice (yellow when we moved in, and turquoise as of last summer), painted our upstairs bathroom (minty green), painted both of our bedrooms - jen's is a blue-green, mine is a peachy-pink, had an array of different furniture and different layouts in the living room and our bedrooms .... we've just done pretty much all that can be done in this place, and although we love it, we're sick of it.

Moving out and living in my own apartment, supporting myself, and having personal independence here has been a real learning experience. I never thought that I'd make it through the first year, but I made it through two and now I know that I have control over what comes next. It's a very adult-like feeling, and I like having it.

Here's to the life & times at 1529 Presidential Drive.

I'll miss my apartment, but I certainly won't miss Heritage Apartments and their stupid ways of dealing with things. I've already started a list of reasons why we're moving out, which I plan to print and give to them with my keys on my last day here. Nothing will change, and I doubt anyone will even care, but it'll be a relief. I'll probably post it here sometime just for shits & giggles.

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