Things I liked in March:

The third monthly installment of "Things I liked," or, things I came across during my internet exploring that I enjoyed/was inspired by/felt that if I didn't save and archive them to my personal collection I'd be sinful .. It's art. It's pretty hair. It's fantastic clothes and styling. It's bright colors and puppies. It's a whole smorgasbord!

It was a slow month due to finals and spring break and such, but those that made it into the collection were chosen very carefully & quite worthy of my review and yours! So here they are...

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  1. i wish i could see that alphabet bigger. we have tons of different types of alphabets similar to that hanging up around our classroom at work. we found an amazing one that's just pictures of things in place of the letters including a zombie, urinal, beer, etc. i will try to find it. it's great.

    p.s. i want to see pictures from your vacation!