NYLON + Nike

NYLON has teamed up with Nike to produce a pair of high-top sneakers in two colors, pink (although they look magenta* in one of the photos, and much better color than the actual pink) and green.


(via nylon)

I'm really not the type who can pull off sneakers, though if I could, I wouldn't mind having a pair that looked - in reality - the way they look in the magenta-y photo. But for the most part, low top Converse and my Adidas mesh Darogas (which I ONLY wear to the gym) are the closest my tootsies come to sporting sneakers or anything closely related to athletic shoes.

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  1. nobodys fashion posts get me as excited about shopping and out of my chronic 'dont give a crap' attitude as yours. this goes for your fashion notebook entry below, too. you just brighten up teh internetz, kate.