Just curious, but..

If you had a 5 lb. or less tiny-as-fuck chihuahua (and loved it, mind you .. that is a stipulation) that rarely barks, would you let it go outside in 20 degree weather, alone, wandering through the street, walking underneath cars for 30-minute periods of time?

Probably not, right?

Well, that's what my neighbor does, and it pisses me off. I found it hiding under a car, nearly shaking to death because it was so cold outside AND it was so dark that a car could easily run it over due to the dog being black and practically invisible in such conditions. I'm considering kidnapping and taking it hostage next time I find it outside and in the middle of the street alone because it actually is defiant of typical chihuahua stereotypes and is really cute and sweet and quiet and I wouldn't mind having it for a pet.


  1. just appalling........im glad i said what i said out loud.that lady doesnt deserve such a cute little animal. seriously, i would have ran it over.

  2. ew, i would ABSOLUTELY take it hostage.