Valentine's Day

This is the first Valentine's Day that I've ever had a real valentine with whom I actually spend the romantic fake-holiday. Dinner is being prepared and home-cooked especially for me, with possible other surprises I'm as yet unaware of. I'm happy I get to spend it with Greg, who I affectionately refer to as my bear. So I'm really glad I found these vintage bear Valentine's on teh internetz.


  1. i want to know how it went!!

  2. love it!!

    i second jenna's comment and jared gave me a vintage valentine!! it has a kitty on it and i adore it. i like your bear ones, too!

  3. I watched this whole special on the history channel about how valentines day was in partial started as a pagan ritual to which an animal was sacrificed and then the organs were taken out of its body and the men would slap young virgins with them to promote firtility.

    happy valentines day!

    glad my boyfriend and i chose a different route full of mexican food and mrs. doubtfire :)