cluster of words, thoughts, inspirations; a personal summer style preview

(as inspired by Kath, while in the stylists' chair)

(some pages from my fashion notebooks)

  • summer
  • fringe
  • hippie
  • boho
  • turquoise
  • jean shorts
  • braids
  • patchwork
  • feathers
  • beads
  • patchwork
  • plaid
  • western
  • denim
  • native american-inspired
  • print
  • floral
  • leather
  • flowy
  • soft
  • wavy beachy hair

Oh, and hot dogs. This summer must include lots of hot dogs; in the form of puppies aaaand foodstuffs.


  1. YESSS that big purple hat!!!

  2. i'm really excited that i have a pair of boots featured on page one. i love that vest i'm totally jumping on your bandwagon.

  3. yes yes yes. well except the hot dogs, mine will be veggie :)

    i especially enjoyed the third image down. I would wear that everyday of my summer if i could buy it.

  4. somebody should probably have a cowboys and indians party this summer. it would be fashionable, and fun.

  5. god my list keeps getting longer and it's so confusing because i'm still shopping for winter but need to get summer stuff for my trip and i'm getting inspirations twisted and wondering what translates from one season to another. anyway i'm hoping to get lots of beaded things in mexico including belts and jewelry and flowy shirts. arizona was kind of uneventful for me. i was hoping to meet lots of indians, buy lots of jewelry and probably a tomahawk, but i didn't find ONE indian trading post or teepee. :( hope things work out better for you. oh and i looked up some cute vintage shops and it seems like they have some good ones, esp. record stores. didn't get to visit any myself, though.