..about that...

My previous post, .. yeah .., I'd rather not talk about it, it just makes my head spin. But don't worry too much. I will admit I was extremely worried/paranoid/out of sorts when I made that post, but the issue is still there and it still is scary but I am trying to be a bit more optimistic and understanding of it all. I [try to] always think to myself, "no matter what, I will have to get through this" - regardless of the situation...because I WILL have to wake up tomorrow and I WILL have to get up and take on the tasks of the day. I think of that mantra when it's 2am and I have a final project due in a few hours and I've yet to complete it. I think that when I'm at the lowest of lows. & I'm trying really hard right now to think that way. It's honestly a better "solution" to my stresses than overloading myself with copious amounts of worry - it just makes me sick.

So, thanks for caring, my lovely and wonderful friends. It really means a lot to me. I will get through this. :)

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