i'm going to the west chester (cincinnati) ikea store on monday FINALLY. the main point of my going there is because i need to buy an art-making desk/drafting table because i don't have a single tabletop workspace for doing school-work or design and art projects and result to usually doing them on the floor and making a mess and getting a crick in my neck. so, this is very necessary.

do i want a simple flat stainless-steel surface? or do i want the white tabletop with the glass window for tracing that i've been lusting after since my partner in design 201 showed me hers last year? do i want foldable legs? or do i want legs with storage and the option of putting the tabletop on a slant?



$60 for 2 legs

$60 for 2 legs

decisions, decisions.


  1. hey, im going there too! on monday! with me mommy!

  2. who are you going with, kate?
    i wish you were going on a weekend so i could join.
    i've been wanting to go for so longgg.