2008 olympics in beijing, china

watching olympic footage montages backed by the inspirational (and when i say "inspirational" i don't mean it inspires me, it's just in the genre of typically inspiring music..got it?) music makes me cry sometimes.

i specifically remember the 2000 summer olympic games in australia...the year of ian thorpe and that aboriginal distance runner ... they used "beautiful day" by u2 and everytime i heard it i cried.


i also remember being very drunk and eating pizza at hounddog's, watching the 2004 summer olympics with bre roose, drew butler and joe staten.

summer olympic events that i like to watch:
- gymnastics!!!!

i sprained both of my ankles and wrists doing basement-gymnastics whilst watching the 1996 summer games in ATL, georgia..I WAS JUST SOO INSPIRED! i was obsessed with the US women's team - kerri strug, dominique moceanu, shannon miller, jaycie phelps, amanda borden, dominique dawes..ahhhhhh

- swimming
- diving
- synchronized swimming
- triathalon

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  1. sooo excited!!
    i wish i had dvr solely for this.