It's not you I miss (well..maybe just a little..but you're not for me and I know that..but...) it's the idea of you. It gets reinforced every time I read old e-mails, texts, look at pictures, and mostly, remember how you cared about me. That's what I miss the most - being cared about. ...and I can't get my mind off of that desire and memory lately. I've never been like this. I'm just lonely lately and can't kick the pathetic thoughts.


October was so long... and November's already half-way over. How?

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  1. Hi Kate,

    I hear ya!! I have been broken up from my fiance for over 3 months now, and just miss having that someone to do stuff with and as you said, being cared for. I remember I was doing good, and then I got all of the pictures of my fiance and I, and looking through them all and remembreing the good times, back to square one. Now, I can barely get myself out of bed when I am not working. Just blah!! I know that this was awhile ago, but I hope that you are doing better.

    All The Best!!!