You spent 75 hours online in January

..According to these statistics from Nielsen Online.

The average online American went online 62 times, visited 115 domains, viewed 2,580 web pages and spent nearly 75 hours online in January 2009, according to (pdf) data from Nielsen Online, which released basic statistics about monthly internet us.

Seeing this makes me want to monitor my online time, just to see how much time I actually spend on the computer. Back in the day, AOL would tell me how many minutes I'd spent online each time I signed off. It was typically a ghastly amount. Nothing's changed.

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  1. I've come to look at my computer as an extension of my being, which brings me solace when considering the (as you so eloquently put it) ghastly amount of time I spend online. In any event, I'm sure my use is above average. Oops!