My writing skills (and self-esteem) have gone to shit.

I just wrote a mini-paper that could likely be confused for the writing of an eighth grader with decent sentence structure (at least that good trait remained.) My typically varied word use was so awful that when I re-read it, I found three consecutive sentences beginning with "the" ... noooooooo! I've become so lazy as of late and really, really, really need to get my priorities back in order. What do I even spend my precious time doing? Nothing, really.

Also, I just took measurements of my body and weighed myself and it was an eye opener, to put it lightly (no pun intended.) I don't want to be ashamed of the way I look, or make excuses for it.. so tomorrow I will officially make an effort to eat healthy/cease to eat out as often, exercise regularly, and continue to be smoke-free. For those keeping count, it's been 25 days since I quit and I haven't even touched a cigarette since then!

That was the summer of 2003 & it shall serve as in(thin?)spiration. I'll have that back, plz.

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