Daft Punk @ Bonnaroo 2009?

There are rumors brewing that Daft Punk will be playing a late night show on one of the four nights of Bonnaroo this summer. The official 'Roo '09 lineup will be released on Bonnaroo's website tomorrow (Feb. 3rd) and if they're on it, I'm shitting/pissing my pants and immediately ordering my tickets on the nearest computer. Actually.. I could probably do it on my Blackberry.. awesome!

This would be an absolutely dream come true. I've been imagining what it would be like to see them for years and have also been debating whether or not I want to return to Manchester, Tennessee for the third summer in a row for the festival. My first year, 2007, was a blast, but last summer I had a somewhat lousy time (in comparison to '07) and even left a day early. Four days in the heat and/or other various weather patterns, no toilets, no showers, not sleeping in a bed .. the list of mild downsides goes on .. can really take a toll on you, no matter how non-high maintenance you think you are. There is no doubt in my mind, however, that I will be prepared to brave it all just to see Daft Punk if they are indeed on the lineup for this year's festival.

A few other acts that I'd like to see, in addition to Daft Punk:
Ryan Adams
Bob Dylan
Rilo Kiley (since I missed them last year) .. or Jenny Lewis solo &/or with the Watson Twins
anyone from the Stones Throw label
Zero 7
DJ Shadow (again)
Cat Power (again)
Neko Case (although I'll be seeing her in April in Columbus!!)
Allman Bros.
Smashing Pumpkins
Thievery Corporation
Animal Collective
Basement Jaxx
Felix da Housecat

... my list could go on! And while I love experiencing the emotional and touching performances of rock musicians with their vocal and instrumental wizardry, in recent years I've become much more fond of the experience of the GROUP at musical gatherings.. particularly in the form of dance parties. Being at one with a bunch of other crazy music and fun lovers, albeit the new "hipster" stereotype, is an amazing thing and provides for a much more memorable personal experience. When I leave a rock show, I just reflect on the music that I saw and heard, which is still worthwhile experience, don't get me wrong ... but when I leave a show where I've succumbed to inadvertent body movements aka dancing, I remember how good the music was, and how much fun I had dancing...the people I met, etc. So, Bonnaroo may be a typically dead-head-jam-bandy-esque kind of festival, they've begun to bring in some more late night favorites, and I hope they continue to do so. If not, there's always Lollapalooza, which I'm sure will turn out a lineup with some dance faves.

A few of the above artists are playing at this year's Coachella in Indio, California, which I've wanted to go to since 10th grade, but alas, California is far away, expensive to travel to, and although I'd probably have a place to stay, I'll have just returned from spring break in Arizona and will have begun a new quarter in school and thus unable to miss an entire week for some music and fun in the sun pt. II. Sigh.

This is the supposed lineup... OMFGGGGGG

The above lineup is false. The actual one sucks. No Bonnaroo '09 for moi.

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