2000 R&B Flashback

Thanks to Odes for posting about Carl Thomas' "I Wish" which encouraged memories in my brizzain of late 90's and early 2000's R&B music that I loved and happily and freely downloaded on Napster in my the comfort of my home in semi-rural Galloway, Ohio. It took a minute to remember this dude's name, but I loved this song - "Could It Be" by Jaheim. YESSSSSS. And "A Long Walk" by Jill Scott.

Uggghhh so many more are popping into my head, like Maxwell, Erykah Badu, SWV (which was recently mentioned on missbehave's blog) .. I've been prompted to immediately pirate mass quantities of such soulful goodness.

And this goes out to the girl who sang a hair-raising rendition of Ms Badu's "Tyrone" at nearly every karaoke at Ravari Room I attended this summer. Hopefully someday I'll get the guts to sing that or "On & On".

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