Keiko Lynn

Don't feel like updating about my life. If you care, you'll hear about it in person anyway. To simmer the suspense that's bubbling over (I'm sure, muahaha) I'll say this: I am happy and actively working on life-improvements. On an unrelated note, I think I'm addicted to two of my current prescriptions.

I wanted to post an image from Keiko-Lynn's blog and lament over my inability to sew. I should really take a class. She makes me want to. Using her master-thrifting and remixing talents, she completely overhauls shapeless and seemingly hopeless garments that have promise in the form of a cute print or interesting details. The following image and quote illustrate my desire to be more thrifty and resourceful!

"vintage dress - thrifted and altered beyond recognition. It was a huge, shapeless house dress. The only thing that I left was the neckline. I just loved the print!"

Oh, and she has beautiful lips and perfectly penciled 'brows - more reason to envy her and follow her blog!

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