Stina Persson

I've decided, for the benefit of my recurring obsessive-compulsive blogging habits, to converge this and my inspiration journal. My dream-log blog will remain seperate (I doubt anyone really reads it, but it's really just for personal record, anyway). I'd rather just keep all of my blog-worthy thoughts wrapped up tight in one little tidy internet package. My inspiration/journal/art collections on paper will remain seperated in reality in their own individual books, also for my OCD.

Now I have to lament over my neglect to have ever become much of a watercolor artist & sing the praises of someone who has. I adore watercolor paintings and have been seeing it pop up in unexpected places a lot lately (anyone noticed Nylon magazine's use of them beneath their headline text in the past few redesigned issues?) I stumbled upon this artist on designformankind & I knew immediately that she was the master behind the April '08 cover art of Print magazine that I fell head over heels in love with. After taking a look at her portfolio, I found that she's done watercolor illustrations for Chloe, Target, Absolut, Louis Vuitton, Fornarina, Godiva, Nike (which, ironically, KTZ posted images of in her post today!) & more.

I am just mesmerized. Her portfolio will make you swoon, too, I'm sure. The simplicity in her work - the watercolors, acrylic with ink, cut paper - all of it - is overwhelmingly awesome to me.

I introduce to you,
Stina Persson:

EDIT: apparently I'm pretty good at picking out and favoring her work and not knowing it! I just checked her client list, and Nylon magazine is totally on it. Ha!

: Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, Godiva Chocolatier, Sony Music, Blue Note Records, Atlantic Records, Macy’s Department Store, Bloomingdale’s, UNIQLO, American Eagle Outfitters, Volvo Japan, Björn Borg Clothing, DKNY, Face Boutique, Iben Høj Clothing, Target.
EDITORIAL CLIENTS: Vogue Nippon, Harper's Bazaar, Flaunt, Elle UK, Marie Claire, Madame, Madame Figaro, Nylon Magazine, Squint.


  1. wow ironic! but i have the 2nd picture u posted cut out from somewhere in my room! but yes, i love watercolor. also ironic we both posted about design. today.

  2. yeah i have her picture in one of my first posts!

  3. ahhh i must have missed it or my mystery would've been solved sooner!

  4. I was going to say, I've seen a lot of her stuff in Nylon.