RIP Amelia's Magazine

Amelia's Magazine is an independently produced magazine that I've lusted after for the several years past that I've been increasingly interested by the underground magazine publishing world. I am appreciative of all that Amelia's Magazine stands for and represents in somewhat opposition to today's market-standard/dominating celeb rags. The print arena is slowly crumbling, though I have hope that it is not lost forever. At this time, sadly, it's claimed another beauty.

Though it is not the demise of Amelia herself - she has many other endeavors in music/art/fashion/photography - and I mean not to talk of it like it's the complete end of the project, I want to say that she is an inspiration to me and I'll admire what she did in the independent print community and hope that she can resume awesomeness in an equally appealing venue.

Read the article & interview here on Magtastic Blogsplosion.

(Pictured above are some brilliantly innovative A.M. covers - the first is encrusted with Swarovski crystals, the second is with a unique laser cut design, the third has a SCRATCH 'N SNIFF COVER! -amazing!, the 10th and final cover of the 'zine, and lastly, a glow-in-the-dark cover.)

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