my secret

i've read post-secret on and off for the last few years and have always wracked my brain trying to gather and formulate material for my best-kept secret. i have some, but they're not really juicy or post-secret worthy. at times i even contemplated making a lame secret sound better with elaborate word-usage and visuals, but still i failed to ever do so. it's not that i have anything to get off my chest via post-card...or didn't, anyway.... the other night i finally figured out my secret. nothing like the "i'm gay and i came out to my brother and we did it"-type secrets, but i realized a legitmately sensitive subject that i could never expel from my body in a verbal format. i probably won't even make a post-card to send in, but for some reason i felt oddly reassured that i had at long last found something inside myself deeply personal enough that it could be considered my "post-secret of secrets."

i have found an alternative to post-secret that i'm much more fond of, i must announce. i am neurotic.com is a place on teh internetz to which readers can submit any number of their neuroses and keep their anonymity in tact. no visuals (well, most people don't include visuals, though it is an option), it's updated more frequently, and the smattering of comments left on each neurotic post are typically of the "OMG I DO THAT TOO!" kind. easily click-able links like "me too!" & "love that!" create an immediate (they don't open up new windows or direct you to another page) and anonymous way to sympathize and virtually appreciate poster's neuroses. i would certainly say that i am more neurotic (hello, do you know me? OCD-central...) than secretive and have submitted a number of my personal stories of neuroticism but have yet to see them posted. according to other's who've submitted to the site, it's hit-or-miss, more often the latter. but i recommend reading a few. it'll probably make you feel better about the weird quirks you have and likely try to hide or feel unreasonably guilty about.

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