Girl Talk @ the Newport, Jan. 17

I finally got my Girl Talk tickets, phew! This is the first local show that I've been excited enough about to actually buy tickets for in the last few years. I'm way pumped to dance myself silly at the show, which will be the third of his I've been to, the prior two being at the Wex in Feb. '07 & at Bonnaroo in June '07. Speaking of... does anyone remember how, when we were on stage at the Wexner Center show, the girls at E. 13th were having a party and - because he was engaging with us throughout the show, asking if we were having a good time..talked to us a bit after the show - we gave him the address and told him to come? HAHAHAHAHA.

I also feel excited because I feel a teeeeeeeeensy-weensy bit responsible for him adding the Columbus date to his tour lineup after the initial one was released. (See HERE for "proof.") You guys hate me for saying that..hahaha.

We're going to have so much fuuuuuunnnnn!

.....bounce that, bounce that...bounce that, bounce that.....


  1. I just bought mine as well.
    I expect to come close to dying because we dance so hard.
    oh and I won't be home for the Holiday dinner:(

  2. gotsta get mine soon!!
    thanks for reminding me.