feet planted firmly on the ground

when i make pseudo-adult decisions - like taking a personal day/skipping all three of my classes for the day for no good reason - i spend the entire day feeling like crap and making excuses for ditching and then thinking about how responsible adults wouldn't approve. dammit. i hereby declare that for the rest of the quarter, i will not skip a SINGLE class. i've skipped 2 comm classes, 4 astronomy classes (i think?), 1 ASC class and today i skipped my first design class. ugh ugh ugh. idiot. i hope i didn't miss much. catching up is such a bitch.

it's 6pm and it's already pitch-black outside. falling back makes the atmosphere a sad, cold, dark place. maybe i do like the warmer seasons better.

this weekend was pretty epic. since i don't drink much or go out much lately, i decided that i was going to go buckwild on halloween. i consumed more than my fair share of alcohol and spent less time on high street at the highball than i'd have hoped, but we cabbed downtown to karma for the get right-hosted debauchery party and it was fucking amazing. i had sooooo much fun..and i attribute it 90% to my being drunk, and 10% to the fact that i was in costume and i love dressing up like a freak (this time, a japanese harajuku-style girl.) the music was great, there were friends a-plenty, fanfreakingtastic costumes and free PBR til midnight!

i didn't sleep a wink and by the time i had to start getting my things packed for the camping trip at the cabin in athens with the fam, i was still drunk. the trip was very much needed and i don't really have the desire to depict it in words, so my 400+ photos should do the job. i will sum it up by saying how incredibly thankful i am for my family. i am so lucky. they are embracing and accepting and open and inspirational and always provide the perfect words and wisdom for any situation. spending the weekend hiking in the hills, watching the sunset and sunrise, sitting by the fire, playing with 7 month old baby henry AND my 7 month old baby dog woody, watching nana knit a sweater for henry, seeing my parents together and happy, spending time with my sisters and cousins, hugging my aunts and laughing with my uncles, sharing home-cooked meals and sleeping in a cozy cabin tucked away in the woods of athens with 15 of my family members + dog was an experience that i will never take for granted. my family keeps me grounded and is a support-system of friends greater than i could ever hope for.

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