"did you do that yourself? the braid?"

i get the most bizarre comments on my hair from the most random assortment of people in the weirdest places.

the following all took place at work,
"ooooh, I like your hair!  that dark part is really neat!"
"i like your hair...that braid....did you do that yourself?"  (...from a middle-aged man)
"your hair is so pretty!  that braid is really cute!  i wish i could wear my hair long like yours!"
"neat hair!  that's really cute!  i like it!"
"oh, that's strange."  "huh?"  "oh..your hair..it's different."

and from the owner of the company i work for, whom i was nervous about meeting, "nice hair, kate!  that's really sharp!  i like it!"

just yesterday i was walking to my car after class and a quiet somalian guy says to me across the parking lot, "by the way.... i really like your hair!!!!!"  i'm not sure what the purpose of his "by the way" intro was, though.  we hadn't been talking.  maybe he was admiring it from afar and had practiced having a conversation with me in his head and accidentally prefaced his comment with "by the way" when he finally decided to say it out loud...?  i dunno.. that's something totally awkward that i would probably do.  but it was funny.

people compliment me/comment about it at food establishments, the gay barista at starbucks, checkout lanes, grocery store aisles, bars, on the street, in the hallways at school, on the bus.  it's nice.  and it's really cool for kathleen, because the compliment-givers always want to know who does my hair, and i just hand them one of her cards!

some other worthwhile comments i've received at work that made me feel good,
"you were very helpful to me.  thank you."
"thanks for talking to me...........and you're very pretty.  bye."
"you're a nice lady."

little things like that make my day.  :)

oh and speaking of work, i'm temporarily out of a job.  cord closed five stores today very abruptly and mine was one of them.  so they're working on repositioning me at another location, but in the meantime, i'm sooooo looking for a new job.  i'm going to need one come winter quarter anyway, though, because my schedule won't allow for me to work mid-day shifts anymore .. only early morning or early evening-close.  i need a change of pace, though.  i was too accepting of my pathetically easy routine.  time to move on.  i've been at cord for almost 1 3/4 years.  i'd like to find something a bit more fulfilling and with more responsibility...something that'll look good on a resume.