i am so overwhelmed that i can hardly focus on anything important.  WHY WHY WHY does my anxiety always lead me to ignore EVERYTHING in my life that i need to be actively working on?  so frustrating and like i have no control over it.

1 annoying thing that overwhelms me is the fact that i never check anyone's blogs anymore because steve lieb updates 225 times a day and i'm too lazy to filter through his to find anyone elses.

a second annoying - and the most annoying, i should note - is that.....i have no money.  i have enough to pay my rent, my tanning package, and my cable bill and THAT'S IT for the next two weeks.  and i make no money, so..anything i make thereafter will go towards the next month's rent and bills.

...i actually went negative in my account this weekend.  how could i be so stupid?


  1. steve's blog is actually just his internet history from browsing google and youtube.

  2. he does update a lot.
    it's entertaining
    and also an archive of everything that's ever been on the internet.

  3. i have been looking up jobs and not studying for my midterm tomorrow.

    granted, this midterm is an easy B and hopefully A. but still. i've just been slacking with school this quarter :(