i just made the most unsatisfactory batch of macaroni and cheese ever in the history of the stuff. i swear, the cheese inside the packet was not cheese, but merely a tasteless powder colored to look like cheese. i want my .79 cents back, kroger.

my therapist and i decided today that i need a new job. i don't get any respect at my current job, i don't really have respect for the company, and i'm not paid enough. so my search starts now.

i got a prescription for adderrall. i think i need a stronger dosage. i'm not feeling the rush and cocaine-like lust for life that i got from higher dosages. plus, this shit is expensive. i'm not paying $30 a bottle for shit that doesn't work!

ummmmmmmmmmm, so how do i go about getting an internship with a sweet magazine? i'm working on that one..

my thoughts are scattered, like this post.

kool-aid is only good when you multiply the recommended amount of sugar by 2 or 3, ha!

i'm making a hip-hop mixtape for this kid i work with. i think he thinks that lupe fiasco is the only/coolest thing out there.

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  1. 1. show him the ways of the ginger man known as el-p

    2. i agree that you should get a new job and as your last parting gift, give karen a pair of orthopedic shoes

    3. kroger mac and cheese is gross for some reason to me...it's so cheap yet not as satisfying

    4. thanks for the terrifying bumper sticker. :(